The Workers'Educational Association (WEA) Lothian Women's Forum is a grass-roots group formed by invitation in 1996 following on from a WEA/Engender Course "Women's Voices, Public Voices". The Forum aims to influence the WEA in their choice of programme and direction in women's education and to provide a focus for women's educational experience and activities within the WEA.

We plan, fundraise for, organise and deliver a range of free/low cost adult education activities for women. Over the years we have run many confidence building, assertiveness and stress management courses. We have also run several arts and political studies courses including,'One Scotland, Many Cultures'; 'Women of the Royal mile'; 'Women and Slavery'; and most recently 'Votes for Women' exploring the suffrage movement in Edinburgh and Scotland.

Women's education:

WEA Lothian Women's Forum aims to:


Stimulate and satisfy a demand for women's education, promoting courses and other events


Organise learning opportunities for women by women


Value and celebrate women's experiences and achievements


Develop personal and shared fulfilment


Open up learning in new and exciting ways